Questions & Answers document (Q&A)

About the can:

  • a high quality and international certified safe Aerosol spraycan
  • specially designed with a higher discharge nozzle and an inverter valve which means the cans can spray continuously whilst upside down and give a clearer line whilst minimising waste
  • the (new larger!) can contains 85 ML / 2,85 fl.OZ in a 110 ML can
  • the can has a ‘easy to use’ cap (to put the cap on quickly after spraying)
  • the label contains all international (and for Europe essential!) hazard warnings,  Epsilon markings or fill declaration (ML, not G)
  • contains a barcode for use in retail/shops
  • the can is lightweight and compact
  • fits perfectly in the RefereeSpray Clip or RefereeSpray Luxe Clip

About the spray:

  • creates an instant, but temporary clear white (foam) line
  • works well on grass and all artificial surfaces
  • does not damage grass/human/animal
  • is 100% natural and totally biodegradable (environmentally friendly)
  • vanishes in 45/50 seconds
  • UN1950


  • to mark a free-kick spot or 10 yard line from where the ball should be played
  • shake the can well before play commenses & shake briefly before spraying
  • apply spray about 12 inches (30 cm) from the ground
  • make a semi circle in front of the area the ball should be placed
  • pace 10 yards (9,15 meter) and make a line where the ball should be placed
  • Spray It – Play It

Advantages for the sport:

  • prevents encroachment / fewer cautions
  • promotes FAIRPLAY
  • increases playing time & player clarity
  • practical and easy to use Spray It – Play it!

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