Referee Spray

History of Vanishing Spray

There were many ideas about the vanishing spray. Sir Bobby Charlton and Neil Midgely, a FA referee, first developed a prototype of the vanishing spray in England in the 1980s.
The spray has been used lang ago in many international soccer competitions. After the World Soccer Tournament in 2014 the vanishing spray is introduced in many countries like […]

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The use of Referee Spray

The referee has full discretion on whether or not to use the vanishing Referee Spray, and opponents are required to retreat 10 yards from the spot of a free kick regardless of whether Referee Spray is used (unless the team awarded the kick elects to take a “quick” free kick with opponents still within 10 yards).

It […]

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What is Referee Spray?

Referee Spray is a vanishing substance applied to an athletic field in order to provide a temporary visual marker for use by both players and referees for the purposes of ensuring fair play. It is used by football referees to indicate the minimum distance that members of the opposing team must remain from the ball […]

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RefereeSpray Media

RefereeSpray used in the Netherlands is OK.

KNVB satisfied about Dutch RefereeSpray

Dutch Soccer Spray is allright

More goals by using RefereeSpray

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Vanishing Spray on the web

The vanishing spray, that proved such a success at the World Cup in Brazil, will be used in the Premier League from this season onwards.

Following the lead of both Italy and Spain, top-flight matches in England will feature the spray, used by the referee to mark the distance between the ball and the defensive […]

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Benefits of Referee Spray

Referee Spray is said to help prevent unnecessary delays by preventing the defensive team from encroaching closer than the mandated 10 yards (9.1 m) from the ball during a free kick, and also by preventing the attacking team from illegally moving the ball from the spot where the referee awarded the kick.

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