Welcome To TotalSportSolutions.com:¬†A “LET’S MAKE SPORTS BETTER” COMPANY

Total Sport Solutions is an European Sports Company specialized in (new technology) sport products.

We believe that…

…new technology products will make sports better
…new technology products will prevent unnecessary discussions and delays
…new technology products will increase playing time
…new technology products will promote fairplay
…new technology products will improve the quality of sport in general
…new technology products makes a better game for both players and fans

Total Sport Solutions operates from offices in The Netherlands (Almere and Lelystad) and Spain (Gerona) and has Worldwide (sales)coverage. Total Sport Solutions is owner of the #1 vanishingspray brand (RefereeSpray), and is the official and worldwide distributor and salesoffice of this quality spray.

If you have any questions about TSS or our (vanishing) Referee Spray, send an email to info@totalsportsolutions.com or complete the (contact)form below.

Address Headquarters: Total Sport Solutions

G. Bomansstraat 8

1321 BE Almere – The Netherlands

T (+31) 629433009

Meet Our Team

Bob van der Kolk
Bob van der KolkFounder & CEO
Peter Rijsenbrij
Peter RijsenbrijFounder & COO
Gerard van der Kolk
Gerard van der KolkManager Mediterrean area
Natalie Schipper
Natalie SchipperManager Logistics & Support


info @ totalsportsolutions.com

Afbeelding van fredericomeyer via Pixabay